‘Surprising’ advances in land based salmon

LAND based salmon farming has advanced to the extent that the biggest facilities will soon have the capacity to produce more than 150,000 tonnes, according to a DNB analyst.

Tone Bjørnstad Hanstad, of the leading Norwegian bank, told a conference in Trondheim this week that there had been significant developments in land based farming, reported Fish Farming Expert.

The company analysed some of the largest land based salmon sites around the world and identified 20 to 25 projects that will have the capacity to achieve a combined production of 150,000 tonnes.

‘We are surprised,’ Hanstad said, ‘and the main findings show that these systems have evolved much further than we expected, both technologically and in terms of the number of projects.

‘Which projects will be successful we do not yet know,’ said Hanstad, although she added that the technology used in land based facilities is developing very fast.

And she believed the ‘great demand’ for salmon should help ensure that land based production becomes economically viable in time.

‘Demand has increased, as have sea based production costs, in recent years, making land based systems more competitive,’ Hanstad told the Tekset conference.


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