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    HIJOBS is dedicated to making things easy. Well not everything, but in this case finding a job. We have built a team and a world class service solely around delivering the best possible job seeking experience. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver highly relevant job opportunities to people in Read more [...]


    Distell’s range of hand held meters are in daily use worldwide, throughout the Fish industry…. Fish Processing, Sea Fisheries, Aquaculture, Retail Trade, Laboratories, Universities, Research, Conservation Projects, Food Quality, and Food Safety. Our range of meters include: Fish Freshness Meter Fish Fat Meter Meat Fat Meter All meters give instant, Read more [...]

  • Seafish

    At Seafish, our mission is to support a profitable, sustainable and socially responsible future for the seafood industry. Working with the UK seafood industry from catch to plate, our work covers everything from fisherman’s training and gear technology to supporting industry with economic, regulation and market data. We also organise Read more [...]

  • Nor Sea Foods

    Family owned business located in the key pelagic fish landing port of Fraserburgh. Our focus is the smoking of oil rich fish, primarily mackerel and herring, that we are able to access locally from the rich fishing grounds of the North East Atlantic. Hot smoked mackerel fillets,  produced from fish Read more [...]

  • Marelec Food Technologies

    MARELEC FOOD TECHNOLOGIES has become a world player with its PORTIO range. These Portion cutters cut fresh meat or fish into portions of fixed weight or fixed thickness. The machines use the proven technology of laser guided cameras to scan the volume. All MARELEC PORTIO’s are designed for optimum cleaning Read more [...]