Nova Scotia unveils $2.8m investment plan

THE  Nova Scotia government has announced  it is  to invest  $2.8 million to improve its aquaculture industry. Part of its plan is to lift the embargo for shellfish, marine plant and trout farming applications.

State Premier Stephen McNeil and the Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell believe the move will bring more jobs and more commercial investment.

The province says the funding will be used on a “more rigorous” approval process for new aquaculture operations, along with $2 million for research projects on how the sites affect the local environment. At the moment salmon farming is not included in the deal, although applications can be made at a later date. The funding  will also be used for planning for aquaculture development and innovation in production methods

It is thought that around 70 primary producers are ready to expand their operations now they are free to apply for leases. Tom smith executive director of the Aquaculture association of Nova Scotia told the Canadian Chronicle Herald that the announcement will also attract interest from companies outside the province.

He declared: “The Nova Scotia aquaculture industry is set for a new chapter of growth that will add good quality jobs and prosperity for our province, while ensuring the sustainability of our resoirces for future generations. A large chunk of the money will be used to fund research projects. All the pprojects must have sustaiability built into them.

Premier Stephen McNeil says the investment will create jobs in an industry that is worth $60 million annually, supports 600 direct jobs and contributes to seafood exports valued at $1.68 billion last year.he also hoped the money would help to build up confidence in the industry

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