Nancy Glen raised in Loch Fyne

THE fishing boat Nancy Glen has been raised, according to a report in the Campbeltown Courier.

The vessel, which foundered on January 18 with the loss of two Tarbert men, was raised by a crane on a recovery barge.

Skipper Duncan MacDougall and crewman Przemek Krawczyk are believed to have gone down with the boat.

The Scottish government pledged to cover the cost of trying to locate and recover the men.

The prawn trawler was lying 140m (460ft) deep in Loch Fyne, below diving depth, between Barmore Island and Rubha Preasach, within sight of where the crewmen’s families live.

The operation was to raise the wreck to a depth where divers could search for the missing men.

A Scottish government spokesman said they were updating the families as the recovery progressed.

The research vessel Severn Sea has been clearing away debris using remotely operated underwater vehicles.

A fortnight ago it was joined by the 65ft tug Handfast and a lifting barge above the Nancy Glen.

The MINA, a fishery protection vessel, was patrolling the waters around the site yesterday as the police underwater unit launched a rib into Tarbert Bay from the CalMac ferry terminal.

Campaigners have so far raised more than £280,000 for the men’s wives and children.

The Clyde Fishermen’s Trust said: ‘We would like to thank each and everyone of you who have given so generously at this difficult time.

‘We do not have a target to reach, we will continue to receive donations as long as people’s generosity allows. It will all go to helping the families.’

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