Iceland’s new world beating fish plant

Iceland’s new world beating fish plant

ICELAND’S largest trawling and fish processing company, Samherji, is to spend more than three billion kroners (about 31 million euros or £26 million) building a new fish processing plant and port facility at Dalvik, in the north of the country.

Samherji CEO Þorsteinn Már Baldvinsson revealed the plans at a crowded meeting with staff members and local civic leaders.

The company has signed a land lease agreement to develop some 23,000 square metres and says the investment is a major step forward for the local community and the seafood industry.

Dalvik has a population of just 1,400 people, but it is also popular with tourists and boasts three hotels.

The announcement is part of an ongoing programme of investment by Samherji both at home and abroad.

Just two weeks ago the group increased its stake in the Norwegian integrated fishing company, Nergård.

A few days later its UK processing subsidiary, Seagold, purchased a redundant Grimsby fish factory from Icelandic Seachill, which it plans to develop.

Samherji is also about to take delivery of a new trawler which should arrive in Dalvik early next month.

Þorsteinn Már Baldvinsson said that with the new processing factory and the new trawler (named  Björgulf EA), Samherji was investing almost six billion kroners in fishing and fish processing in Dalvik, and its total investment in the country as a whole was ISK 11 billion (97 million euros or £82 million) in just three years.

‘We are going to build the most advanced fish processing in the world,’ he said. ‘We will continue working with Icelandic industrial companies to develop solutions in the food industry, both domestic and overseas markets.’

The new processing centre would be a showcase to the world of Icelandic technology and fish production techniques.

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