Grieg Seafood hit by salmon disease

Grieg Seafood hit by salmon disease

THE Norwegian salmon farming company Grieg Seafood has been hit by an outbreak of disease at its home operation which looks likely to affect production output this year.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute (Veterinærinstituttet) has confirmed outbreak of Infectious salmon anemia (ISA) at the company’s site Kleppenes in Hammerfest. The site has currently 1.3 million fish with an average weight of 0.985 kg.

Acting swiftly, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) ordered that the harvest/destruction of all fish at this site should be carried out by the end of the month.

Grieg Seafood Finnmark is reported to have implemented a plan for harvesting/destruction of all fish at this site as soon as possible and feasible. As a result, the site will be laid fallow and made ready for new smolt input in the spring/summer of this year.

Preliminary estimates indicate that this will yield a negative one-off effect on Q4 2016 accounts amounting to approximately 25 million Norwegian kroners (NOK).

Further preliminary estimates indicate that harvest volumes for 2017 will be reduced by 3,000 tonnes.

For 2018 reduced harvest volumes early in the year will be offset by increased volumes towards the end of the year due to new smolt input at the above mentioned site.

Søren Sofus Lund Torp Olsen from the FSA in Finnmark state said: ‘The severity is reflected in that we choose to empty the entire farm, and not just a single cage.’

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