Giant air seafood terminal for Oslo

THE Norwegian airport owner Avinor is planning to build the world’s largest air seafood centre outside Oslo and is reported to be looking for investors prepared to contribute to the estimated 800 million kroner cost.

Avinor is responsible for the 45 state owned airports and air navigation services for civilian and military aviation in Norway. This network links Norway together – and the country to the rest of the world.

Increasing volumes of salmon and other fish are now being sent out by air. The quantity of Norwegian salmon shipped via Heathrow has increased dramatically in recent years due to rising global demand, James Kuo, fresh food manager at logistics expert DB Schenker said recently.

Avinor’s cargo development manager, Martin Langaas, told the Norwegian press: ‘What people do not realise is that Norway is the largest freight market among the Nordic countries.

‘Over the next 30 years Avinor is expecting that, at current levels, seafood shipments by air will increase by 500 per cent.’

The new seafood terminal at Oslo Airport is expected to handle 300,000 tonnes of seafood a year or around 1,600 tonnes a day, the equivalent of at least 160 land trucks a day. The centre will be able to pack two cargo aircraft every hour with fish and seafood.

Avinor has hired Pareto as the facilitator to search for investors who might be attracted to the project. It is hoped that construction can begin in January 2019.

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