Containment course open to all

THE Introduction to Fish Farm Containment one-day course offered by the NAFC Marine Centre in Shetland is aimed at entry level marine and fresh water husbandry and maintenance staff and site managers.

The one-day course can be delivered either at the NAFC Marine Centre, or elsewhere by arrangement. It is also available by online distance learning using the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) ‘Blackboard Learn+’ virtual learning environment.

There are no entry requirements for the training course, which encompasses a wide range of topics relevant to setting up and maintaining aquaculture facilities to prevent the escape of stock, and complying with relevant legislation and other requirements.

Subjects covered in the course include: legislative requirements; causes of fish escapes; cage and net types, designs, weighting, securing; predator netting; inspections; mooring systems and maintenance; statutory record keeping; dealing with losses; and health and safety considerations.

The teaching material is generic in nature and intended to give students a general understanding of the above topics, and may not reflect specific procedures or equipment used by individual companies or on specific sites.

There will be a short written assessment at the end of the course, and a certificate will be issued on successful completion.

Online learning requires students to follow simple instructions provided in an Induction booklet and online, and should take about 10 hours to complete.

The online course is flexible and students have six months from enrolment to complete the course, which can be accessed on any internet enabled device including smartphones, tablets (android and iPad) and computers.

Online students are able to contact an NAFC tutor for assistance at any stage of the course.

Distance learning students can start any time, and course dates can be arranged to suit requirements

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