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Seafood integrity theme of Humber fish summit
Published:  29 July, 2013

SOME top names are being lined up for the Humber Seafood Summit which will be held in Grimsby in mid-September. This increasingly popular event is now in its fourth year.

The conference theme this year is 'Seafood UK: Reputation & Integrity'. Toby Middleton from the Marine Stewardship Council will be the guest speaker at the official launch evening on the Wednesday September 18th while Hannah Macintyre from Marks & Spencer, a major buyer of fish from the Grimsby area, will set the scene for the day at the conference on Thursday 19th.

The entire event is being held this year at the Humber Royal Hotel in Grimsby, which has larger conference facilities than the Humber Seafood Institute where lectures have been held in past years.

The two-day event is organised and co-ordinated by Seafish in association with organisations in the Humber Seafood Group. The event brings together a panel of respected industry and National Government speakers and delegates from across Europe.

The Conference consists of three sessions:- Seafood Sustainability: A Global outlook; Industry Reputation & Integrity and Future Opportunities & challenges

A full list of speakers will be announced later, but they will present on a range of subjects: fish authenticity, seafood traceability and identification of species, climate change and fisheries future, socioeconomic status changes and impact on the UK seafood market and consumer perceptions of seafood.

The programme reflects the current industry focus on integrity and promises to bring together leading experts to spark meaningful discussion on the current issues, and how the international picture is shaping up for the future.

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