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Marine Harvest completes purchase of Morpol shares
Published:  21 December, 2012

On 17 December 2012 Marine Harvest ASA announced that it had entered into an agreement with Friendmall Ltd. and Bazmonta Holding Ltd. to acquire 48.5% of the shares in Morpol ASA for NOK 11.50 per share.

This transaction has now been completed and Marine Harvest's share capital has been increased by NOK 125,400,790.50 through the issuance of 167,201,054 new shares in the two related share capital increases.

The two share capital increases have been registered in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises and following such registration Marine Harvest ASA has a share capital of NOK 2,811,256,197.75 divided into 3,748,341,597 shares each with a par value of NOK 0.75. 

Marine Harvest intends to submit a mandatory offer for the remaining shares in Morpol based at an offer price of NOK 11.50 per share. Such offer will be submitted within the 4 weeks period required by the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.

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