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Scottish fishermen rescued after vessel goes aground
Published:  21 December, 2012

Four fishermen were rescued by Campbeltown RNLI Lifeboat in the early hours of this morning, December 21, after their fishing vessel began taking on water off Campbeltown Loch, in the west of Scotland.

The vessel broadcast a mayday message at 2.30 am reporting that it was taking water and required immediate assistance. The Campbeltown RNLI lifeboat was requested to launch and the Campbeltown Coastguard Rescue Team was sent to the scene. A Navy rescue helicopter from Prestwick was also scrambled.

Gary Young, Watch Manager at Belfast Coastguard said: "Campbeltown Lifeboat was quick to arrive on scene and safely transferred all four fishermen from their stricken vessel, with no reported injuries. The fishing vessel remains aground."

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