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Move to put British trout back in shoppers' baskets
Published:  20 December, 2012

In November 2012 the British Trout Association, on behalf of its members, launched the ‘Buy British Trout’ campaign to encourage the nation’s shoppers to put British trout back in their shopping baskets.

The campaign will highlight the health benefits, sustainability and affordability of this great British product, and encourage UK shoppers to try different types of fish other than the five - cod, haddock, salmon, tuna and prawns – and is set to run in different phases throughout 2013. 

Trout producers up and down the country are uniting to take proactive measures to boost the profile of their delicious product, with support coming from a variety of different quarters including popular TV chef, Valentine Warner, who has released three new trout recipes to show his own support for the campaign, and Michelin starred chef Raymond Blanc, who recently endorsed British trout on the BBC TV Series The Great British Food Revival. 

In common with other sectors, rising costs of production and the increasing frequency and depth of promotions within the food retail market has created stiff trading conditions for UK farmers, with trout farming proving no exception.

David Bassett, Chief Executive, British Trout Association commented: “As the fish market has diversified over recent years, we have seen the market share of some of our traditional fish choices decrease. At the same time, UK consumers have become increasingly concerned with issues relating to sourcing and supply of fish – not to mention the affordability of their weekly shop. We believe that it has never been more topical to highlight trout – a fish that is good value, nutritious and sustainably farmed right here in Britain.  It is also important to remind the public that trout is an “oily fish”, meaning it is a source of key nutrients and vitamins including vitamin D, selenium and of course, omega 3 essential fatty acids.  

“On so many levels, trout equates to guilt free eating – be that because of where it comes from, how it is produced, or the nutritional benefits derived from including trout in your diet, and the Buy British Trout campaign will raise awareness of these important messages amongst the nation’s shoppers.”

In addition to individual shoppers, the industry will seek to boost the profile of trout within the food service and hospitality sectors, in addition to working more closely on more generic national fish promotional activities alongside industry colleagues such as the Seafish Industry Authority and other fellow trade bodies.  The aim will be to promote the strong health messages associated with eating fish, and stressing the nutritional benefits of eating a range of oil rich fish.

The campaign to encourage shoppers to “Buy British Trout” is set to continue over future weeks and months, including the anticipated roll out of a consumer sampling campaign, and also sees the trout industry using social media channels to reach and engage with consumer and industry contacts active in the online community via Twitter (@british_trout) and Facebook (/britishtrout).

The British Trout Association meanwhile is liaising with retailers, processors and other industry representational bodies to try to maximise engagement with the campaign objectives in order to support the nation’s trout producers.

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