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European Members of Parliament back extensive reform of EU fisheries policy
Published:  18 December, 2012

The European Parliament’s fisheries committee has endorsed sweeping reforms of EU fisheries policy that could help bring back fish stocks from the brink and reverse decades of overfishing by a bloated EU fishing fleet, said Greenpeace.

The Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) today, December 18, supported an objective to recover fish stocks to sustainable levels – and the so-called maximum sustainable yield. They also recognised the excessive fishing capacity of the European fleet in relation to the state of stocks, and put forward measures to reduce it. Finally, MEPs backed measures to reduce discards, the wasteful practice of throwing unwanted dead or dying fish overboard.

Commenting on the outcome of the vote, Greenpeace EU fisheries policy director Saskia Richartz said: “The vote today marks a turning point after decades of complacency for overfishing. The European Parliament has injected some much-needed ambition in the reform of EU fishing rules and challenged European governments to follow suit. At this stage, fisheries ministers are the main obstacle standing in the way of the recovery of our oceans and a sustainable future for fishing. Greenpeace and small-scale fishermen from across Europe call on them to back strong measures to scrap overfishing, promote low-impact fishing and preserve our oceans for generations to come.”

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