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Master and vessel owner fined for fisheries offences
Published:  17 December, 2012

Newlyn harbour

A master and a vessel owner were ordered to pay £13,890 by Truro Magistrates' Court on Thursday 13 December for fisheries offences relating to the activities of an Irish trawler.

The vessel concerned, the Maria Magdallena III (G482), is owned by Steven Connolly and skippered by David O’Neill.

The offences related to four ballooning codends which were found on the vessel during an inspection by the Royal Navy and the Marine Management Organisation. It was decided that although the vessel was using two nets, there were four codends and extension pieces that were ballooning therefore four offences were committed. The vessel was detained to Newlyn for investigation.
The master and owner both entered guilty pleas in court.

Mr O’Neill was ordered to pay £1,100. Mr Connolly was ordered to pay £12,790 plus forfeiture of the nets.

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