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Damanaki hails blue vision for Baltic and Arctic
Published:  22 October, 2012

A NEW integrated maritime policy for the Arctic, the Atlantic and the Barents Sea, described as a "blue vision" for growth and sustainable fishing, has been laid down by the European Union.

EU Ministers together with Maria Damanaki, the EU Fisheries Commissioner, signed the "Limassol Declaration" that embraces our "blue" vision for growth and sustainable solutions for future prosperity.

Ms Damanaki said: "Five years ago, the integration of Maritime Policy was just a promising idea; now we have already laid down objectives for the Arctic, the Atlantic and the Baltic and set up a process to achieve them by working all together.

"However, I strongly believe that there is more space for growth and jobs in the marine and maritime economic sectors that can contribute to European growth and help Europe out of the economic crisis."

She maintained: "We have turned our focus to the development of maritime economy as a whole but also to the promotion of five particular industries through the Blue Growth initiative launched by the European Commission.

"More precisely, the initiatives include the promotion of blue energy, that is to say, wind, wave and tidal energy and the promotion of aquaculture for a better space allocation and governance of aquaculture farms. The European Commission will propose Strategic Guidelines on Aquaculture next year. Last but not least, maritime, coastal and cruise tourism can be considered a great source of employment and growth."

The Commissioner said the Integrated Maritime Policy had gained momentum and everyone was committed to move on to the next level of an effective maritime policy working together.

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