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Scottish fisheries minister to set up mackerel meeting
Published:  06 July, 2012

Ian Gatt

FOLLOWING rumours in the press that supermarkets might potentially shun non-MSC certified mackerel, Scotalnd’s Fisheries Minister has agreed to a request from Ian Gatt, CEO of the Scottish Pelagic Fishermen’s Organisation, to facilitate a meeting of the UK’s top retailers.

The intention is to update them on the mackerel situation and ensure they are fully aware of the latest facts and figures. This will ensure that retailers are able to take informed decisions about mackerel supply. Seafood Scotland will be organising and facilitating the meeting.

In advance of the meeting Richard Lochhead said: “The Scottish Government continues to work with the UK and the EU to seek a resolution as soon as possible to the mackerel dispute. Other countries are fishing the stock outwith an international management plan, which has led to overfishing of the shared mackerel stock and MSC suspension. “We are keen to ensure that the people of Scotland – and the rest of the UK – have the opportunity to buy Scottish mackerel. Therefore I will be inviting the supermarkets to a meeting in late summer – to be hosted jointly by the Scottish Government and the industry and facilitated by Seafood Scotland – to discuss this issue.”

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