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AQUA 2012 early bird deadline is June 30
Published:  07 June, 2012

AQUA 2012, the joint event organized by the European and World Aquaculture Societies, will bring together scientists, suppliers, producers, policy makers and others to the beautiful city of Prague during the first week of September to share and exchange information on the development of global aquaculture.

To date, more than 1,100 abstracts have been submitted for oral or poster presentation. The Programme co-chairs Marco Saroglia, José Polanco and Zdenek Adamek have incorporated these into some 60 sessions that will run over the four days of the conference. Posters will be displayed on an area that overlooks the trade exhibition.

The early bird registration deadline for AQUA 2012 event is June 30 and anyone interested should register now to get the best rates. EAS and WAS members get even more discounts on registration.

The AQUA 2012 <>

page on the EAS web site contains information on the programme and sessions, as well as details of the workshops and farmers' day events that make up the event!.

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