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Young's Seafood Limited Reiterates Support for Moves to Tackle Discards
Published:  03 May, 2012

Young’s Seafood Limited today reiterated its support for moves to tackle the wasteful practice of discarding fish caught at sea.

This re-affirmation of Young’s long-held policy comes after a recent meeting with Richard Lochhead, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment and in advance of the World Fisheries Congress 2012, set to be held in Edinburgh from 7 – 11 May 2012.

Young’s Seafood Limited has campaigned for a number of years on discards and supports sustainable practice in fisheries through its Fish for Life programme on responsible sourcing.

Pete Ward, Chief Operating Officer of Young’s Seafood Limited, stated: “We have long held the view that the practice of discarding fish at sea is both a senseless waste of resource and a barrier to sustainability in fisheries. We are actively engaged with scientists, fishery managers and fishermen in joint initiatives to better understand and reduce discarding. Following our recent meeting, we plan to continue to work closely with the Scottish Government and other key stakeholders to keep up the momentum on this issue.”

Leendert den Hollander, Chief Executive of Young’s Seafood Limited, added: “Moving discards up the policy agenda is very important. Well-managed eco-systems are clearly critical to ensuring we have bountiful sources of fish, healthy people and healthy societies. We’re doing our bit through our Fish for Life initiative on responsible sourcing and by encouraging people to try a wider variety of fish. We hope that consumers, retailers and the supply chain continue to support sustainable practice in fisheries and fish farms.”

Richard Lochhead, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, said: “Throwing marketable fish back in to the sea dead is economic and ecological madness. Flawed European fisheries policy has imposed discards on fishermen and we need effective and enforceable measures to end this wasteful practice. I’m pleased therefore that Young’s Seafood has reaffirmed it’s opposition to discarding and recognise that discard-free fisheries are in everyone’s interest: suppliers, consumers and the fishermen themselves.”

Following Young’s Seafood’s reiteration of its support for moves to tackle discards, Mike Mitchell, Young’s Seafood Limited’s Director of Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility, will give a keynote address at the World Fisheries Congress. This prestigious event is organised by The World Council of Fisheries Societies, which promotes international cooperation in fisheries science, conservation and management.

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