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Published:  24 April, 2012

The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) is extending its programme of integrated multi-tropic aquaculture (IMTA) to a second site, as the company continues to develop its programme of environmental excellence.

Following first trials at its award winning Loch Roag site, the company is now introducing seaweed crops in conjunction with its salmon farming operation at Ardcastle, Loch Fyne, to achieve a greater natural balance in the management of the water area. Work now begins on implementing other crops such as mussels.

IMTA exchanges nutrients in the water system giving potential benefits for the produce farmed in the marine environment. The project has been developed with the Scottish Association of Marine Science as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to protect the local environment.

This year, SSC also announced details of a pioneering initiative which will see Ballan wrasse, or ‘cleaner fish’, commercially farmed for use in salmon cages for the first time. While widely shown to reduce sea lice on salmon, this is one of the first full scale operations aiming to farm and deploy wrasse in Scotland.

Stewart McLelland, CEO of The Scottish Salmon Company which is attending the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels this week, said:

“The industry is growing and as new markets open up regulation and ever increasing environmental standards are driving important innovations. We want to be at the forefront of best practice, evolving new methods of husbandry that produce premium quality salmon.

“Both the IMTA and Wrasse projects are important developments and we are confident of their success. SSC’s strategy for ‘single generation, single loch, synchronised fallow’ has already won awards and we are constantly striving for environmental excellence.”

SSC’s IMTA trails will be closely monitored over the next few months and along with the progress of the Wrasse project, the results will be shared with the industry as a whole.

During the European Seafood Exposition, SSC can be found at Hall 9, stand 4127.

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