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Fishmeal on the menu at World Fisheries Congress
Published:  24 April, 2012

Industry leaders will discuss global fishmeal and fish oil supply developments as part of the 6th World Fisheries Congress (WFC), taking place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre from 7-11 May 2012.

Organised by The World Council of Fisheries Societies, the congress will address “Sustainable Fisheries in a Changing World”, examining current and future issues surrounding sustainable fishing and exploring informed global solutions.

In the fishmeal sector there are several sessions which industry representatives and members can attend, including:

· Global fishmeal and fish oil supply – the first step in a responsible aquaculture value chain – Andrew Mallison, IFFO Ltd, (Wednesday 9 May,11.00am);

· Global fishmeal and fish oil supply – inputs, outputs, and markets – Jonathan Shepherd, on (Wednesday 9 May, 11.30am).

Felicity Huntingford, World Council of Fisheries Societies President, said: “Fishmeal is always high on the agenda amongst industry and will be an important area of discussion at the World Fisheries Congress. These sessions promise to be an engaging opportunity to find out the latest developments in this sector.”

A full list of sessions and panel discussions can be found at:

Under discussion will be the science that underpins sustainable fishing; adaptive management and tools to cope with changing environments; the social and economic cost of failure; and meeting increasing food and nutrition needs through aquaculture.

Approximately 1,500 delegates are expected over the five days, to hear from speakers from industry, science, fishing and aquaculture.

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