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IMP confirms large numbers of cod in Lofoten
Published:  19 April, 2012

The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) has confirmed what has been seen: there are huge numbers of cod in Lofoten, in Vesterålen and outside the island.

However, oceanographer Erik Berg said: "We measure cod stocks with acoustic devices, which are not always totally reliable. This year large numbers of cod have been seen over bigger areas than last year, but in 2011 there were some spots in Værøy and Rost where cod specimens were extremely closed to one another. Nevertheless, these levels have not been reached this year," says Berg .

Throughout the years, cods have moved further east than previously and measurements show that there are plenty of cod from Lofoten to Kanstad Fjord in Lødingen.

"This tells us that the stock is in very good status," says Berg, as measurements show that there are approximately 100 million specimens of Northeast Atlantic cod that are seven years old spawning in the area that has been surveyed.

"At the same time, 75 million eight-year-old specimens have been noted, suggesting that 2004 was a strong year accounting for the additional recruitment of cod stocks at present," Berg adds.

Source: Institute of Marine Research

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