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Published:  18 April, 2012

Retailers, suppliers and consumers in the UK should get behind a scheme aiming to help drive down the environmental and social impacts of farmed seafood, said WWF Scotland today.

The environmental group made the call in response to the launch by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) of a new consumer label that will enable consumers to more easily choose responsibly farmed seafood.

Welcoming the label's launch, WWF Scotland's Aquaculture Policy Officer Piers Hart, said: "If we are to succeed in driving down the environmental and social impacts of farmed seafood here and globally then it is vital retailers, suppliers and consumers in the UK get fully behind this scheme.

"Along with existing schemes highlighting responsibly caught wild fish we hope this logo will give consumers the confidence to make the best choices when buying farmed seafood whether it is imported or produced in the UK.

"When consumers buy seafood with this logo they can be assured that the product is produced using global best practice in environmental and social management and technology. In the coming years we expect to see this logo appearing on seafood products in ever increasing frequency."

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