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MSC thumbs up for Birds Eye fish fingers
Published:  13 April, 2012

 BIRDS Eye has announced that across Europe, its entire Cod and Haddock Fish Finger range has achieved MSC certification.

The move will switch 5,200 tonnes of fish products to sustainably certified produce in the UK market and increase the total weight of MSC labelled products sold by 20 percent .

Britons consume over 185 million  Birds Eye cod and haddock fish fingers each year. The move comes at the beginning of the 15th year of the MSC which was co-founded by the Birds Eye brand, WWF and international conservation leaders, to create an independent certification and ecolabel programme for sustainable and well-managed fish. The MSC certification means the fishery has demonstrated that it is well managed and sustainable through a comprehensive, independent scientific assessment.

The switch to more MSC certified supply forms part of Iglo Group’s company-wide sustainability plan, Forever Food, which aims to certify 100% of its fish range to help protect global fish stocks.

Iglo Group, which owns Birds Eye, operates across eleven European markets and sells MSC certified fish in more countries than any other food brand. Birds Eye sells Cod and Haddock Fish Fingers to 3.4 million homes each year.

Martin Glenn, CEO of Iglo Group - Birds Eye’s parent company - said: “As Europe’s leading frozen fish manufacturer, we have an important role to play in working to ensure the long-term security of our oceans, but also in making it easier for consumers to eat in a more sustainable way.

"The UK is the world’s second largest consumer of cod, a fish whose stocks were previously under serious threat. As part of our Forever Food programme, we have worked hard to protect and rejuvenate this species and I am proud to announce that both our Cod and Haddock Fish Fingers have been certified by MSC as sustainable.”

Birds Eye’s says its  entire fish portfolio – from cod to salmon - is now in the MSC programme – either in assessment or already certified.

Rupert Howes, Chief Executive, MSC said: “The growth in engagement and support for the MSC programme over the past 15 years has been amazing. We are starting to see clear evidence that commitment to certification is fostering real and lasting change in the way the oceans are fished and we could not achieve that without the support and leadership of companies like Birds Eye.”

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