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Greenpeace tuna campaign nets victory in Italy with Mareblu Italy announcement
Published:  06 March, 2012

Greenpeace has welcomed the news that leading Italian tinned tuna brand Mareblu, owned by MW Brands, has committed to source 100 percent of its tuna from pole and line or FAD-free purse seine fishing operations by the end of 2016.

Mareblu's announcement follows a commitment made by MW Brands in the UK in 2011 which saw leading UK brand John West make similar policy changes with the same targets by 2016.

Commenting on the news, Greenpeace International oceans campaigner Oliver Knowles said: "The news that Mareblu is committing to 100 percent pole and line and FAD-free purse seine fishing is hugely important: it shows that major change is taking hold across the global tuna industry. More and more businesses are choosing to abandon the use of destructive FADs and commit to supporting marine reserves.

Knowles added: “Real pressure is growing on those companies refusing to clean up their supplies and provide consumers with the sustainable tuna they demand. We need a tuna industry that works to support healthy oceans, protects tuna stocks and  safeguards fishing jobs for generations to come."

In addition to changing their fishing techniques, Mareblu has also committed to not sourcing tuna or other fish from the network of areas in the Pacific known as the Pacific Commons (

Commenting on the news, Mareblu President and MW Brands CEO, Adolfo Valsecchi said: “The commitments taken today are essential not only to protect tuna resources but to guarantee a future to our company. We hope our standards will be soon adopted by the rest of the tuna industry."

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