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Kefalonia first Friend of the Sea certified aquaculture farm in Greece
Published:  19 January, 2012

Friend of the Sea project expands in Greece as Kefalonia Fisheries, a major producer of Mediterranean Sea Bream, Sea Bass and Meagre, obtains sustainability certification.

Kefalonia Fisheries has been the subject of the longest-running environmental impact study of sea bass and sea bream farming in Europe run by the Marine Biology Institute of the University of Crete. Accumulated data from over 10 years has conclusively shown no adverse impact on the environment. According to fallowing practices, cage groups are rotated at the end of every production cycle in order to avoid the build-up of waste on the seabed.

No pesticides, antibiotics, hormones or any other chemicals are used by the company. The feed used by Kefalonia is made up entirely from wild fish trimmings from existing fisheries and it is GMO free. Kefalonia Fisheries is also ISO 14001 certified.

Kefalonia Fisheries S.A. is located on the island of Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands, between Italy and Greece. It is a family owned company founded in 1981 by Marinos Yeroulanos, a fourth generation Kefalonia. Today Kefalonia Fisheries employs over 100 employees and produces and sells 8 million fry and over 3000 tons of Bass and Bream per year. Over 80% of its production is exported mainly to France and Italy, as well as Spain, Portugal and the UK, even to the USA.

”Friend of the Sea certification has international recognition and reassures consumers about the sustainable origin of our product.” Explains Efi Moustaka, Kefalonia’s Sales Director “Sustainable aquaculture which is environmentally-friendly is essential in helping to alleviate the pressure on wild stocks and is an issue which is of great concern to us at Kefalonia Fisheries both as producers of course, but also as consumers. ”

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